You Know It's Time for a Second Opinion When...

That's Right!

The hottest selling (humorous) book in healthcare today gives you 150 points when choosing your doctor. Physician Recruiter and author, W. Asbury Stembridge, Jr., FACHE lets you in on a secret...


Laughter helps you make the choice without the pain!

How Do I Choose My Doctor?

You Know It's Time for a Second Opinion When...

  • ...answers the most asked question by everybody from patients to hospital administrators.
  • You are always looking for gifts for your doctors, recruits, other clients, even family and friends. You only need one opinion.

Why not make it a second opinion?

  • "....Your doctor used to be the third guy from the left in the Village People."
  • "...Your neurosurgeon calls your case a "no brainer."
  • "...Your doctor thinks hemlock is a chastity belt for men."
  • "...Your proctologist is humming, "Take this Job and Shove It!"

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