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Jobs for Healthcare Professionals

You are tired of searching and scouring job boards, company websites, and message boards looking for the position to take you to the next step in your career.  You have talked with a few recruiters, but felt they were forcing you into a position to benefit them and not you.  I am sure you will agree searching for a new position should be easier.
 The Stembridge Agency is a NAPR member
It can!  The Stembridge Agency is here to make the laborious job search much easier!  The Stembridge Agency is a professional recruiting and staffing firm, but nothing like recruiters you have experimented with previously!  Rather than trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole, we work with you to ensure any position we present is a career enhancing fit. 
How do we do that?  We are your agent.  Just as professional athletes and film stars have agents, you should have an agent.  We represent working professionals, as yourself, at no charge to you.  Our fees are covered by hospitals, physician practices, and other medical institutions searching for the highest quality healthcare professionals. 
If you’re not paying us, do we really represent you?  At The Stembridge Agency, we believe everyone – physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and the community – benefits when the job opportunity is a good fit.  The new relationship creates a synergistic relationship for all parties involved.  So we take the time to learn your needs, to understand where you want to be immediately, as well as, in the future.  The Stembridge Agency will help you pave your road to success.
What are you waiting for?  Don’t waste any more time trying to find it on your own.  Let one of our Career Agents get the ball rolling for you.  You have nothing to lose, and the entire world to gain.

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SIGNING BONUS OFFERED - The largest dermatology practice in the country with over 120 locations, including South Georgia, is seeking a board certified/board eligible Dermatologist to join this practice to offer traditional office and hospital based Dermatologic services.

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